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In September 2007, the R&D team was established  the brand was determined to be wimin

In March 2008, wimin RM-380 series products came out  applied for multiple patents

In May 2008, RM-380 passed the production test in Dongguan Hualong Electronics Co., Ltd.

April 2009 Participated in Shanghai NEPCON International Electronic Equipment Exhibition  officially launched RM-380 to the market

In June 2009, RM-280 fully automatic milling cutter splitting machine was successfully developed

April 2010 Participated in Shanghai NEPCON again  won unanimous praise  the industry

June 2010 Participated in the China SMT Microelectronic Assembly Manufacturing Exhibition Seminar held in Houjie, Dongguan

August 2010 Participated in Shenzhen NEPCON, during the exhibition, customers directly contracted to purchase

In August 2011, he participated in Shenzhen NEPCON again  was favored by domestic  foreign merchants

After the products were launched one after another, they have been highly praised by customers such as Midea, VTech, Jinzhong, Sunny Group,  CLP 38.

In August 2015, exhibitors in Shenzhen NEPCON formally launched the ARM-710 series of products to achieve automatic unmanned operation, no fixtures,  full automatic

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