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Pioneering  enterprising, communication  pragmatism In line with wimin's business philosophy, we are always committed to strengthening the internal communication  communication between enterprises,  constantly pursuing the unlimited possibilities of technology.

the company's RM-380 series products to the RM-280 series automatic milling cutter type splitting machine  other products developed  successfully launched into the market, all staff of Weimin take "R&D  production of trusted brand products" as the goal  uphold professionalism Spirit, focus on core strengths, pursue excellent quality, strive for perfection,  be consistent. Through regular communication with customers, solve problems for customers  meet market needs. Whether it is the appearance of the machine, the safety of use  the convenience of operation, we strive to be perfect in every aspect to meet the needs of the market.

We must continue to focus on the company's goals  missions, seize opportunities, grasp the current good momentum of the development of the SMT industry,  use the company's advantageous environment to strive for greater breakthroughs in product development. Guided by the market, focus on building the brand image of Weimin, go all out to do a good job in brand building,  make a qualitative leap in the brand image of Weimin in the sub-board machine industry.

Your trust is our glory; your needs are our eternal pursuit! We will develop more new products suitable for the market based on the comprehensive results of "electronics, machinery, software,  system integration" in the increasingly growing field of pcb cutting.

Thank you for your attention  support to our company,  welcome your valuable comments  suggestions through our website! A warm welcome to Dongguan Weimin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. for technical exchange  guidance!

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