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When choosing a sub-board, should you focus on price quality first?

2020-04-27 15:12:32

   When choosing a sub-board, should you focus on price quality first? The editor of Dongguan Weimin Automation Equipment-Subboard Machine Manufacturer will share with you: Everyone has their own unique way of choosing things, because the points of attention are different, some situations need to be different person to person. For example, when we buy a laptop computer, girls like us will care more about its appearance, it also has a flimsy feeling, because it will be inconvenient to take it if it is heavy.

    There is also small, convenient practical. The boys pay attention to different things, they will ask how much memory, fluency, what is a configuration inside. How long is the warranty what is the scope of the warranty. So that means that everyone is exactly the same for the model function of the splitter. So the choice may be different. We have to make targeted choices.

   The choice of sub-board is that the higher the price, the more functions, depending on the requirements of each company to choose. The price of the automatic splitter is relatively high. Compared with other splitters, this splitter has no stress when cutting, it is so easy to damage the board. More importantly, there is a positioning of MARK to match the points of the board. The board will be split only if the positioning is completed, the alarm can be reported if the positioning is successful. There are imported industrial cameras for video shooting, the operations inside can be seen clearly. Equipped with imported high-speed electric spindle, longer durability. It can cooperate with other automation equipment to realize an integrated line of unmanned operation.



   The price of a knife splitter is relatively affordable. After all, its functions configurations are very different the automatic splitter. This requires manual placement of the boards, the cut boards also need to be manually performed. Arrangement, if there is no manual operation, the next step will be carried out. It adopts the knife-type smooth cutting, intelligent linear cutting, the knife stroke can be set at will according to the length of the PC board, the cutting length is 450mm. (Specifications can be customized).

    Compared with the two machines, the higher the price the more functions, the automation saves the waste of manpower material resources. The cut boards are also of quality assurance there is no dust. The knife cutting machine must be manually cooperated, the output is relatively low.


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