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How to adjust the splitter?

2020-04-27 15:40:05

Nowadays, factories enterprises pay attention to efficiency take the expansion of efficiency as the production goal. However, due to the lack of sufficient knowledge of the splitter equipment in some enterprises, some incorrect operations occur, which affects the normal splitter equipment. Work, then how to adjust the splitter? Dongguan Weimin Automation Equipment-Dongguan Sub-board Machine is here to tell you:

1. It is very important to confirm that the parts on the circuit board of the sub-board will collide with the body. It is also a detail that many enterprise operators easily overlook. If you do pay attention to this detail, it will easily lead to sub-board errors even correctness. Damage to the splitter.

2. Adjust the position of the guide knife on the dividing machine

For the splitter, whether the pcb board can be fed into the splitter along the V-shaped groove on the splitter board for correct cutting depends on whether the upper guide plate of the splitter is at a reasonable height If the adjustment range is too high, it will cause the pcb board to jump out of the V-cut slot, which will damage the blade the pcb board; on the contrary, if the adjustment is too low, the pcb board will be inconvenient to move, which will greatly affect the overall The board efficiency.


3. Adjust the blade spacing of the splitter

During the cutting work, after the Pcb board enters the inside of the machine along the guide plate of the splitter, the three sets of knives of the splitter will become the decisive point for the quality of the entire splitter. Only a suitable reasonable knife distance can achieve the best split , To reduce the boarding stress of the entire boarding process to.

Therefore, in summary, if you want to improve your own board quality, you must pay attention to these daily production details. As long as you pay attention to the details, are you afraid of being able to make a high-quality brand? The above is the main content of how to adjust the splitter. If you need a splitter product, you can contact Weimin, use quality quality to return your trust.


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