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The knowledge of pcb splitter

2020-04-27 15:50:11

Since there are many types of sub-boards, we must understand each type of equipment clearly, so that we can do our daily operations maintenance with ease. Today, Swanda will share with you the pcb The relevant knowledge of the sub-board is for your reference. Weimin Automation Equipment-Slitting Machine Manufacturers come to tell you: PCB Slitting Machine is one of the indispensable equipment for cutting PCB contiguous, precision SMD thin plates.

1. What kinds of PCB sub-boards are there?

PCB splitter can be roughly divided into: laser splitter, curve splitter, knife splitter, guillotine splitter, stamping splitter, hand-push splitter, milling cutter splitter machine.

2.Is there any dust in the PCB splitter?

During the cutting process of the pcb splitter, dust will be generated. You can use the company's matching vacuum equipment, so that there is no dust.

3. How long can the tools of the PCB splitter be used?

The big loss of the PCB splitter is the tool. In order to prevent the PCB board being cut with small burrs no deformation, it is recommended to use the general tool for 2-3 months as the best. It can be reground replaced with a new blade. The service life of the knife has a lot to do with the material oil of the blade. If the material is good, the practical time is longer, but the price is definitely expensive, it is also related to the cutting material.


4. What is the cutting mode of pcb splitter?

One: The adjustment method of the upper lower knives of the pcb splitter: the lower knives are fixed.

Two: Loosen the two positioning plates of the pcb splitter first, turn the slider adjustment knob to adjust the distance between the upper lower cutters. The gap is usually 0.1-0.2mm: in the same plane, the error cannot exceed 0.1mm, Rotate in the clockwise direction the knife holder will rise, the distance between the two knives will increase, vice versa. Be careful to collide the two cutters other objects hit the edge of the knife.

Three: After the upper lower cutters are debugged, loosen the fastening screws of the lower positioning plate, adjust the positioning plate so that the blade is aligned with the upper pole of the lower cutter locked when it is slightly lower than 0-0.2mm.

Four: Install the upper positioning plate fastening screws, put the V-CUT of the PCB board on the blades of the upper lower positioning plates, push the sliding handle of the splitter by hand, adjust the fine adjustment knob together to make the board go back forth slightly Resistance is enough, then tighten the screws.

Five: When the pcb splitter is about to finish cutting, you must hold the cut PCB board with your hands to prevent the components on the PCB board being damaged.

Six: The pallet the baffle plate can be adjusted up down according to the size of the part body.

Seven: After proper conditioning, the operation can be officially carried out


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