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Encyclopedia of sub-board types can I buy the sub-board?

2020-04-27 16:04:05

Anyone who is engaged in sub-board machine related work knows that there are many types of sub-board machines. Which one to use needs to consider the work we are going to do. Dongguan Weimin Automation Equipment will introduce the types of sub-board machines  us today.  can I buy a sub-board.

The following sub-boards are the types of sub-boards we often use:

Light bar splitter, LED splitter, PCB splitter, automatic splitter, knife splitter, guillotine splitter, multi-knife splitter, V-CUT splitter, punch splitter Trigger  so on.


So knowing these types, how do we choose the board splitter that suits our work needs?  should we buy the board splitter? As mentioned above, Weimin automation equipment has all the types of sub-boards, so you can go to Dongguan Weimin automation equipment-sub-board manufacturers to purchase suitable sub-board types. Weimin's splitter is of good quality  good reputation. This is the real feedback  people who have used it!


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