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What is the difference between an online splitter an offline splitter?

2020-04-27 17:11:23

What is the difference between an online splitter an offline splitter?

Nowadays, the equipment in the SMT industry is developing very fast, many SMT manufacturers do know how to choose a sub-board. Today, the editor of the Weimin automation equipment-automatic splitter manufacturer will break down the difference between the offline splitter the offline splitter.

Offline splitter:

1. Off-line splitter is a more traditional PCB splitter equipment.

2. Semi-automatic production: Putting in the PCB board is manual operation to load place the board, the board is automatically cut, the final output is also manual operation to take the board, including the waste board edge.

3. The offline splitter is a standardized device, that is, the function is fixed no changes can be made.


On-line splitter:

1. Fully automatic function: the first feeding, to cutting the board, to the final discharging, the robot of the splitter equipment is completed independently, without manual operation.

2. Equipment functions can be customized: the online splitter can also be called a non-standard customized splitter, that is, it can be customized designed according to the process requirements of the customer's production board to make the splitter more convenient in operation , Is no longer a single fixed function.

3. The online splitter is the latest PCB splitter equipment.

Whether you choose an online splitter an offline splitter, the most important thing is to choose one that suits your own board process requirements.


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