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2020-08-06 16:18:19

   With the development of the economy, the automatic plate feeder machinery industry plays an increasingly important role. The rapid economic development mostly depends on the development of machinery heavy industries. Before installation, the ground trench needs to be dug in the correct position. Its length position should be customized according to the size of the automatic CNC feeder, otherwise it is inappropriate. If it is larger can be handled, but it will change if it is smaller. Problem, so be sure to grasp the size.

      If the installation position is correct, the production efficiency can be greatly improved. When installing the machine, first check whether the machine is damaged, the ground is incomplete, the position is flat enough, there are no other abnormalities. It should also be ensured that the machine is flat enough to ensure that the strength of the conveyor belt during transportation is flat, thereby reducing heavy wear.



   1. Overload of the automatic plate feeder: When in use, the main function of the automatic plate feeder is to convey convey the plates. However, one thing needs attention. When using, do accumulate a lot to save time, but this will cause damage to the machine, so pay attention to this problem when using it, don't look overweight.

    2. Daily lubrication is essential: Generally speaking, when using this machine, it is basically in the form of a conveyor belt. Therefore, pay attention to lubrication when using. If there is no lubrication, it will only cause machine wear, but the key is serious energy loss, which seriously affects work efficiency.

    3. Smooth power supply of the automatic board feeder: power supply is a point that needs to be ensured. Smooth power supply is the beginning of a smooth work flow, so the trend is an important point. Level the ground: If the ground is level, the gravity of the board itself may cause the board to block. Therefore, it is necessary to hold him firmly.

    4. Indoor operation: Because of the relatively high degree of automation, the automatic board feeder has a lot of fine parts, so it needs good indoor protection, which is why we need to use it indoors.


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