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The characteristics good technology of PCB automatic milling cutter dividing machine

2020-08-18 15:41:34

1. The board splitting features of PCB automatic milling cutter splitting machine are as follows:

1. The automatic milling cutter dividing machine can improve product quality reduce scrap rate;

2. PCB splitter automatic milling cutter splitter is equipped with high-pixel color CCD zoom lens, auxiliary program teaching editing functions, better accuracy, can be modified in a single step, industrial LCD display, clear image large viewing angle;

3. Equipped with a handheld teaching device, program editing can be manually taught G code imported, with import export, link array copy, edit modify functions, simplify program production time accuracy;

4. Fully-closed transparent safety door of the fully automatic milling cutter dividing machine, which is safe to operate easy to observe;

5. The pcb splitter is equipped with a powerful dust suction filter dust collector (as shown in the figure below). The upper lower dust suction methods are optional, which can cleanly solve the cutting dust problem.


Second, the good process of PCB automatic milling cutter splitting machine

The automatic milling cutter splitting machine is a must-use automation equipment for most electronic manufacturers on the market. Its performance can directly affect the production efficiency quality of the enterprise, even play an important role in the market competition of the enterprise. Therefore, When purchasing, in addition to consideration of price factors, customers tend to pay more attention to the overall performance of the equipment the after-sales issues of the equipment. the user's point of view, the products are made with heart, won the support trust of our customers.

Highlight the quality the details. Take this automatic milling cutter splitting machine as an example. It is equipped with a dual design of horizontal vertical splitting. It can quickly solve the problem of two-way Tic Tac Toe plate cutting for manufacturers. It is mainly aimed at horizontal vertical division of tic-tac-toe, downlight boards, etc., can complete the boarding operation at one time. Its emergence successfully solves the limitation of traditional boarding equipment that can only divide the board in one direction, saving time While saving effort, it can also ensure that the cut surface is smooth free of burrs, which improves product quality.

In addition, the blades of the fully automatic milling cutter splitter are made of imported high-speed steel material. Its service life can reach 1 million times, it can be re-ground used repeatedly. According to the actual situation, it can be re-ground 2-3 times. In terms of ordinary cutters on the market, its durability is relatively increased by 1.5 times, which saves the company's later costs while also better ensuring the cutting effect. If you want to know more about this product, please contact us directly.


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