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Precautions for using automatic PCB splitter

2020-08-21 16:50:48

It is normal for the automatic PCB splitter equipment to have problems during operation. For factories, extending the service life of equipment is very important. The maintenance of equipment must only increase its service life, but also ensure the quality of its work. With the development of the market. Now that SMT PCBA have been assembled, an automatic PCB board splitter has basically been realized instead of manual board splitting.

Fully automatic PCB splitter is usually mainly used in PCBA processing plants. Its purpose is to replace the traditional manual folding plate, improve production efficiency ensure product quality. At first glance, people would think that the operation of the PCB splitter is complicated. However, in practical applications, no matter what kind of automatic PCB splitter is used, its application principle is as complicated as we imagined.


The matters needing attention when using PCB splitter are as follows:

1. Of course, when designing the structure of the PCB partition, in addition to the safety considerations of dealers manufacturers, in actual operation, the staff should carefully check the upper lower cutters before turning on the power of the PCB partition. The spacing between. When using the dispenser, it is strictly prohibited to put your hands in the machine. When the machine is running, do remove the protective plate around the blade to avoid accidents. In addition, the PCB splitter is only used as a splitter cannot be used for other purposes. During the entire use process, electrostatic protection must be done, the staff must wear an anti-static bracelet before starting work.

2. When using the board divider, the staff must put the PCB board dividing slot on the fixed knife holder, then move the PCB board divider horizontally. Do wear loose clothing when operating the machine. Hair must be tied tightly to avoid accidents.

2. When using the automatic PCB splitter, the worker must place the circuit board splitter slot on the fixed knife holder move the circuit board splitter to a horizontal position. When operating the machine, please do wear too loose clothing, you must tie your long hair tightly to avoid accidents.

3. When the automatic PCB splitter stops working, the staff should pay attention to maintenance work, always pay attention to protecting the upper lower knife positioning plates upper lower blades, clean the surface of the machine internal debris, check the fastening of the machine screws at any time. If the machine does work for a long time, you should remove the upper lower positioning plates, apply oil on the upper lower tools to protect them, you can wipe them clean before use. In addition, before using the automatic PCB splitter, you need to check whether the circuit is damaged.

4. In addition, the daily inspection maintenance of the automatic PCB splitter must be carried out in normal times. Before operation, please check whether the blade is loose to avoid accidents during operation. If the PCB splitter is abnormal needs to be repaired, please make sure that the power cord is separated the socket before proceeding to avoid the risk of electric shock.

The advantages precautions of the automatic PCB splitter are explained above. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading. If you want to know more about the automatic PCB splitter, please call us!


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