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What stresses are affected by the PCB splitter?

2020-09-10 14:33:12

    Next, we Dongguan Weimin Automation Equipment-Fully Automatic PCB Separator, Visual Separator Manufacturers will talk to you about the stress effects of PCB Separator:

      a physics point of view, we can understand that when a material cannot be displaced under the action of an external force, its geometric shape  size will change. This deformation is called strain.

     When the material is deformed, internal reaction forces of equal magnitude but opposite directions will be generated to resist external forces. The concentration of distributed internal force at a certain point is called stress. In short, the internal force per unit area at a certain point of the cross section under study is called stress, the normal of the cross section is called normal stress  normal stress,  the tangent of the cross section is called shear stress.  shear stress.


     First of all, like some knife-type PCB splitters, the PCB substrate does  move during the cutting process,  the round knife slips. This can ensure that the electronic components of the substrate will  be damaged due to movement,  is also a factor that affects the stress of the separator. In addition, it is possible to adjust the sliding speed of the round knife, the depth of the V-shaped groove, the wear of the tool,  the adjustment of the interval between the upper round knife  the lower straight knife. The stress of the separator.

     Secondly, everyone uses a PCB splitter to reduce the stress, so that PCB cracking  other damage caused by the separation process can be avoided. Some board dividers accomplish board division by crossing V-shaped grooves. The cutting speed is controlled by the knob. The circuit board splitting stroke can be set freely,  it has an LCD display. These are also factors that affect the stress of the PCB separator.


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