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What are the product features of the multi-knife splitter?

2020-09-21 16:14:20

    The upper lower knives of the multi-knife splitter form a group to form a cutting unit. They are A, B, C, three groups. The whole cutting process is divided into three stages. The A group blade first cuts 40% of the circuit board, then the B blade runs through the groove cut by the A blade again to complete 40% of the cutting volume, the C group blade cuts 20% trimming, because the amount of cut each time is small, the stress generated during the cutting process is reduced by more than 80% compared with the traditional one-time cutting method. The edge of the divided circuit board is flat smooth, the board surface is very flat, twisted warped . It is a machine that can ensure that the aluminum plate is deformed after cutting.


     1. Just put the PCB connecting board to be divided into the machine entrance dividing machine.

      2. It adopts multiple sets of upper lower knives to divide at the same time, high efficiency, aluminum base plate dividing machine, guillotine type dividing machine.

      3. Adjustable upper lower knife gap, solve the problem of V-CUT depth, splitter, LED strip splitter.

      4. The gap between the knife the knife can be adjusted according to the PCB board V-CUT spacing, V-CUT splitting machine, substrate splitting machine.

      5. The number of upper lower knife groups: can be made according to the PCB board (more than 12 groups), automatic board splitting machine, desktop splitting machine.

      6. The length of the large splitter: unlimited length, double round knife splitter, multi-knife splitter, milling cutter splitter.

      7. Splitting speed: 0-400mm/s.

      8. Sub-board thickness: 1.0-3.2mm.

      9. The size of the big board: 300mm.


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