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What are the advantages of using an automatic splitter?

2020-10-16 09:59:44

     What are the specific advantages of the automatic splitter? Dongguan Weimin Automation Equipment-Automatic Splitter Manufacturers talk to everyone:

   1. The automatic splitter is more than 20 times the traditional splitter, the effect is very good.

   2. The sliding speed of the circular knife can be adjusted according to the actual operating conditions.

  3. The distance between the upper round knife the lower straight knife can be adjusted accurately, avoiding the depth of the v groove tool wear.


  4. It can solve the problem of splitting the parts across the super V groove, which is convenient for the operator greatly improves the work efficiency

   5. The cutting speed of the automatic splitter is controlled by a knob, the splitting stroke can be set freely has an LCD display.

   6. Conveyor belts can be installed as required to improve performance.

  7. Three groups of electric eye protection to ensure safe production.


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