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What are the advantages of the PCB splitter?

2020-10-20 09:52:16


     What are the advantages of PCB splitter? Dongguan Weimin automation equipment-pcb splitter, visual splitter, automatic pcb splitter everyone introduces:

     1、 An active PCB splitter is equipped with one worker to operate loading unloading, which can replace the production of six workers, greatly improving the labor intensity, reducing the dependence on manual splitting skills, the power is greatly improved .

  2, the PCB splitter lacks an area of 1 square meter, which is conducive to the management protection of the personnel in the manufacturer’s dust-free workshop.

  3, mechanized operation can ensure the stability of the filming process the stable quality, avoiding the unstable quality of manual splitting.

  4, the splitting machine adopts imported important fine parts, stable operation, no vibration, can ensure the high azimuth accuracy of the active film, can maintain high stability operation throughout the day.

  5, the active PCB splitter adopts imported PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface, parameter setting reading is concise intuitive, the operation is convenient simple.

  6, the board splitter is put in once, the correct operation proper maintenance can be used for more than five years.



       The following five points everyone should pay attention to when using the PCB splitter:

  1, first of all, operate strictly in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You cannot operate blindly based on your own feelings. In this way, the lighter can damage the machine, the severer may cause work injuries.

  2. After using for a certain number of times, lubricate the sliding rods bearings of the separator check whether the screws are loose .

  3. During the use of the machine, the work surface should be kept clean, no other tools should be placed, so as to prevent the tools falling on the tools causing damage to the tools items. Although there are electric eyes for protection, you should pay attention to keeping a certain safe distance between your fingers the tool during use.

4. After each use of the splitter, the machine spindle tools must be scrubbed with alcohol, because some PCB dust will be generated after splitting, so these should be removed to avoid affecting the next knife pass. Normal operation of the type splitter.

5. The process of PCB splitting machine splitting is mainly through the movement of the upper round knife. Therefore, if the upper round knife is found to be unsmooth abnormal noises vibrations during the operation, stop The inspection was carried out to see what caused it, production can only be carried out after the fault is eliminated, so as to avoid damage to the tool cause work injuries.


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