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ARM-710/711 online automatic router
ARM-710/711 online automatic router

ARM-710/711 online automatic router

  • Classification:Online automatic router machine
  • Release date:2020-10-28 16:17:32
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  • Product overview

product description:

(1) This product is a fully automatic online cutting equipment that does  require manual intervention;

(2) The front section is equipped with a trigger  connected to customer test (ATE) to achieve board entry;

(3) The working principle is the same as that of the previous generation offline products,  both adopt high-speed spindles;

(4) Separate the PCBA  the jigsaw under the condition of low stress to ensure cutting accuracy  cleanliness;


(1) Automatic tool change;

(2) Broken knife detection;

(3) Cutting without fixture;

(4) Fully automatic production mode;

(5) Spc statistical function  customer management system ERP docking;

(6) Optional dust collection device with explosion-proof function  air volume monitoring function;


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