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  • Classification:Offline automatic router machine
  • Release date:2020-10-28 16:24:35
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  • Product overview

product description:

(1) Install external mechanism  manipulator to realize online function  stable work;

(2) The suction method is the upper suction type,  the dust collection capacity is higher than the lower suction type,  the noise is about 65 decibels;

(3) Developed based on the original RM  ARM platforms, have the same software environment  usage habits,  can be used  maintained quickly;

(4) The processing capacity meets the PCB board within 450*450mm,  the size is increased to accept order;

(5) The equipment occupies a small area,  the workbench is designed as an open drawer type double workbench to ensure that the cutting is operated in a relatively sealed space  will  pollute the clean room environment;


(1) Upper dust suction device;

(2) Magnetic thimble;

(3) Double drawer workbench;

(4) Ultra-low noise;

(5) High cleaning effect;

(6) Optional Spc statistical function  customer management system ERP docking;

(7) Optional dust collector with explosion-proof function;


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