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VM400/600   depanelizer
VM400/600   depanelizer

VM400/600 depanelizer

  • Classification:V-CUT depenalizing machine
  • Release date:2020-10-28 16:22:24
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  • Product overview


(1) Regardless of the cutting quantity, the machine can cut quickly, which is in line with economic benefits;

(2) Use the touch screen to set the cutting distance to align the V-shaped groove on the PCB board to make the cutting stroke accurate;

(3) Separate the board by the matching method of movable knife  static knife, which can reduce stress  prevent solder joint cracking;

(4) Keep the PCB board still when dividing the board,  the blade slides back  forth to ensure the quality;

(5) Compared with manual operation, reduce stress damage to PCB board solder joints, improve work efficiency  product quality;

(6) The cutting distance can be set freely  0 to 400mm, which can better meet customer needs  improve efficiency;

(7) The starting position can be set freely, which can greatly extend the tool life;

(8) The machine has a counting function, it is convenient to count the quantity after the production task is completed;


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