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Milling cutter type automatic router machine RM-388
Milling cutter type automatic router machine RM-388

Milling cutter type automatic router machine RM-388

  • Classification:Offline automatic router machine
  • Release date:2020-10-28 16:26:44
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  • Product overview

1. Product highlights

(1) Fully electric control to ensure the long-term working accuracy of the equipment;

(2) 360 degree 2 indexing rotating work surface to improve production efficiency;

(3) Independent research  development of the control system, safe  stable, easy to upgrade;

(4) Reasonable mechanical structure, small size  high cutting precision;

(5) Timely supply of services  accessories, quickly solve production problems;

2. Product design concept

(1) Electric control, no air source required;

(2) High stability  easy maintenance;

(3) Simple operation  short line change time;

(4) Designed for small  medium PCBA boards;

3. Product features

(1) High-rigidity integrated frame design: high-precision  high-rigidity integrated structure design ensures the high precision  high stability of the equipment for a long time;

(2) Original hanging head: driven by the middle, driven on both sides to improve the accuracy  stability of the equipment, the equipment structure is compact  reasonable,  the floor space is small;

(3) Milling cutter type automatic board cutting machine, also called substrate cutting machine, uses a high-speed rotating spindle to drive a milling cutter for cutting. Can cut high-density inserts

        After the substrate, high-speed cutting of PCB boards  other substrates;


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